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Welcome To Galo’s Kitchen… Our First Blog!

Welcome to our first Blog post of the new Galo’s Kitchen website… We’ve been open for exactly one month, so what has happened so far?!

Hello and welcome to Galo’s Kitchen Blog. We are excited to write our first ever restaurant blog… so here goes, We have been open for exactly one month now and I cannot believe the overwhelming support and response we have had from Bingley and our surrounding customers, we are truly humbled and blessed by all the kind words and support we have received and continue to receive from everybody so far which I gratefully thank you all for.

Ok so where should I start? I suppose I should introduce myself first of all, I’m Zara, Galo’s wife and the co-owner of the restaurant alongside Galo. I’ll be writing our blogs and doing my best to keep you all up to date and informed about everything to do with Galo’s Kitchen as we continue to settle in to our new surroundings and get to know all of our new customers, Bingley and the wider area as a whole.

Well, now the formality of introducing myself is out of the way I guess I should start at the begging?!

We signed the papers and received the keys around the 18th of July. We are in!!!… With anticipation and trepidation we entered in to the restaurant, we knew we only had 10 days to make it ours. We knew we wanted to make the restaurant feel completely different to how it used to be, to bring our own touch to it, to create a friendly, welcoming and modern environment but on a very small budget how is this possible? With the help of my big brother Danny (Adams plastering a local plasterer in Bingley) my Sister in law Karen, my nephew Dylan, not forgetting my niece Leona who helped with babysitting, my big sister Debbie, my brother in law Steven, our friend and chef Luis, our good friends Dino and Mary who are also part of our waiting team and of course my Mum and Dad who took care of our children and dogs we managed to get as many pairs of helping hands as we possibly could!

Phew! We had the man power now we needed to get to work, ten days and counting. Ok so anyone who had ever been to the previous restaurant knows it was very famous for having a large fish tank, some people loved it, some people hated it… Unfortunately for the lovers, I hated it, yuk! I can imagine the scene now… a full restaurant, a busy service… dead floating fish… If that doesn’t put you of your calamari… well say no more, it had to go! Three hours later and one millionaire from Preston with a very large van and it was gone. Wow! The space was open, no more eyesore blocking the windows and the light flooded in opening up the room. We also decided to get rid of the large counter fridge too creating more space and a cosier atmosphere to the dining area. We scrubbed and painted day and night, added crisp white table cloths and fresh flowers to finish. Now we have a clean, spacious, modern restaurant, just the way we’d envisaged but weren’t quite sure how we were going to achieve! With a huge thanks once again to the help of our family and friends, a large amount of determination and nail braking sweat we are ready to open!

Yikes… The first night opening! We haven’t really advertised, will we even get one customer? Will the equipment work?? Will we have a power cut??? Or an earthquake… Ok too far I know… but the pressure and exhaustion is now taking its toll, don’t get me wrong the excitement is overwhelming for everyone! Well it is especially for my brother and sister who are now stood by the bar petrified having volunteered to help but having never worked in a restaurant before, I don’t blame them, as anyone who has will know, working in a restaurant is not only hard it’s very stressful too… needless to say they did a runner at the first opportunity they had! Ha!

We did it! Happy customers started flowing, even returning, spreading the word, praising us on social media and telling their friends and family… I’m elated with a sense of pride and satisfaction that all our hard work has been worthwhile and our customers are enjoying our restaurant! I have a few customers who have been on our journey every week since we opened, we are so grateful and love seeing them return and get to know us.

At this point I would also like to say I am so proud of each and everyone of my staff, the care and dedication that they put in to working in our restaurant is second to none, they make Galo’s Kitchen truly wonderful, we are only at the beginning of our journey but I know it will be a long one together and one which I look forward to being able to share with everyone who comes and enjoys Galo’s great cooking and follows our blog in the weeks, months and years ahead!

Thank you everyone for making the first month of Galo’s Kitchen such a success!


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